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Western NY flood maps

Samples of flood maps

The ADVICE page on this website explains 1) the various flood zones and 2) the various sets of rates in the National Flood Insurance Program, including the two types of “Grandfathered” sets of rates and the “Newly Mapped” into a higher-risk flood zone set of rates.

If your property is “Newly Mapped” into a higher-risk flood zone due to a proposed flood map, consider adding fill (i.e. a flower bed) around the perimeter prior to the adoption of the proposed flood map. To qualify for a successful “Letter of Map Amendment – Removal” from the Special Flood Hazard Area, your Lowest Adjacent Grade (LAG) must be equal to, or above, the Base Flood Elevation (BFE). If you don’t meet this requirement, DO NOT apply for a LOMA! An experienced land surveyor can tell you if you qualify, and can do an eLOMA (electronic LOMA) for prompt results.

Note that decks and stairs are not covered in the NFIP flood policy. However, decks and stairs that are attached to your structure that touch the high-risk flood zone (SFHA) trigger the requirement for flood insurance for a property with a federally backed mortgage. (Some property owners detach the deck or stairs or, prior to the adoption of the proposed flood map, add fill to bring the Lowest Adjacent Grade (LAG) to be equal to or above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE).)

Read the Disclosure pdf available on this website. It is very informative! For example, lenders can require any building limit and deductible they want. Some lenders want the building’s replacement cost; some require a limit similar to your homeowners policy and some only require your loan balance. Choose your lender carefully.

The National Flood Insurance Program is not the only market to write flood insurance policies. The private market also writes flood insurance. It’s no secret that some properties have less risk than others. This market can choose the properties they want to insure, saving many property owners big-time! Submit your current information here for your free private market flood policy quote.

When you view your property on the flood map, you may want to use a screen capture utility such as this popular free one called LightShot https://app.prntscr.com/ to print, copy or save an image of your property.

Here are links to some WNY maps where flood maps can be viewed. These are only to be used as a guide. Contact your community’s Flood Plain Manager (Building Department) to view the official actual paper version of the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). Perhaps your property qualifies for a successful Letter of Map Amendment – Removal. Or your area has a Letter of Map Revision. These are not shown of the website.

Erie County http://gis2.erie.gov/HTML5/ErieCountyNY/PublicLaunchPage.aspx

Zoom in & drag the map or find your property (I want to … Search Parcels by Address). Enter Street (house) number and Street Name. Click search button. Click on the address to zoom to a close up view. In lower left of map, click Open Streets button and choose a base map of 2017 Orthography to see a satellite view. In the lower left, click the Layers  icon . Click Environmental Features “plus” sign to “minus sign”, and click FEMA Flood zones. The high-risk (Special Flood Hazard Area) is shaded blue-green. This may only be visible at low resolution scale (i.e. high altitude view, when scale is 0 to 600 ft). If your structure with a federally backed mortgage touches the SFHA, federal banking laws require flood insurance.

Genesee County http://geneseecounty.oarsystem.com/

Select a Municipality. Go. Search Property Information. Enter your search info and click the Submit button. GIS Maps. In the upper right, click the Layer List icon. Click Genesee County. Scroll down and click FEMA Flood Hazard Areas. Click the triangle. The high risk (Special Flood Hazard Area) is shaded red. If your structure with a federally backed mortgage touches the SFHA, federal banking laws require flood insurance. The moderate risk is shaded yellow.

Niagara County Click here to open a new page for Niagara County, Pendleton and Wheatfield, NY information.

Cattaraugus County http://maps2.cattco.org/parcel/ Search for the parcel or zoom to find your property. In the upper left, click the Layer List icon  , click the triangle at Environmental, click 100yr Floodplain. Scroll down in the Layer icon, click the triangle for Aerial Photography, and choose a set of photos such as 2016 Color 1 ft. Give it a minute to load. The high risk (Special Flood Hazard Area) is shaded blue. If your structure with a federally backed mortgage touches the SFHA, federal banking laws require flood insurance.

This page updated November 2017.

Shaded areas indicate high-risk flood zone.
Erie Co flood map sample

As experienced commercial real estate developers with multiple projects, we had not come across the requirement for flood insurance before. At the outset we found it overwhelming and confusing trying to educate ourselves to work our way through the intricacies of FEMA’s flood insurance program.

We were indeed fortunate to find our way to Dan King of the Thill-Demerly Agency.   His experience and knowledge were evident at the very start. Dan quickly guided us step-by-step through the process, thoroughly explaining the requirements and our choices, and provided us with the best, cost-effective outcome possible.

We would recommend Dan King and the Thill-Demerly Agency to any commercial developer, business owner, or homeowner in need of flood insurance.

Mary Lou , NY

Dan, Thank you again for helping me out. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf

C M, Niagara Falls, NY

Dan, thank you for your guidance and persistence regarding securing flood insurance on my lake cottage property. Your work directly with my mortgage institution saved me a great deal of aggravation and most of all a great deal of money. Your help was much appreciated.

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