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Flood Insurance Rate Consulting for Property Owners

Straightforward answers to your questions about flood insurance rates.

  • explore ways to eliminate the flood insurance requirement or reduce the cost of flood insurance

  • investigate ways to change the flood zone designation

  • explain the eligibility requirements of the various flood insurance rating programs

  • examine the issues involved in your specific situation

  • research answers to your specific questions

Let us investigate your options. We have experience with over 200 property owners and studied hundreds of pages of FEMA documents, updated manual pages and bulletins to be knowledgeable. We have found over 50 ways or situations to improve the price of flood insurance

Consult with knowledgeable professionals.

Useful and practical information from our specialists for those questioning the high cost of flood insurance. $400 Fee or Split the Savings.

Dan King and his team helped guide me to the best solution for my flood insurance requirement situation. I thought I had run out of options. I was fed up with trying to understand the confusing landscape of flood insurance requirements. Until I spoke to Dan, I felt there was no one out there who I could trust to be looking out for my interests. Dan explained how I was on the wrong track in trying to reduce my flood premium. I was eventually successful in reducing my flood premium from $2647 to $1072. I can honestly say that I would never have reached this positive situation on my own. My family and I are grateful to Dan for his enthusiastic help.

Matt, MD, Testimonial for

Dan’s knowledge about flood insurance gave us the reassurance we needed to move ahead with our home purchase. We’d checked with two local agents and got one $1200 quote and one $3800 quote. Dan’s recommendations resulted in a final flood insurance rate of $393. Thanks Dan.

Randy, Anamosa, IA, Testimonial for

Most brokers are not aware of the many pricing avenues available and the options that could benefit the property owner.

We should be your flood insurance rating consultant. You can keep your flood insurance agent, or you can appoint us.

Numerous property owners have followed our directions and advice to obtain a Letter Of Map Amendment to be removed from the Special Flood Hazard Area, thereby removing the requirement to carry flood insurance, improving their market value and qualifying for the cheapest set of rates, the Preferred Risk Program.